Joint Advanced Doctoral Degree in Energy Systems - JADES

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The JADES is two-years TEMPUS Jouint European Project.

The first year of the project will be mostly devoted to defining and preparing the curriculum of the doctoral studies, including inventory of resources and capacities, definition of courses, teaching materials, as well as retraining and up-dating to state of the art the knowledge and teaching skills of professors from the Partner CARDS universities. The main effort in the second year will be done in actuation of the doctoral studies and completition of courses.


Unification of doctoral studies and training in Europe Enhancement of research capabilities in the area of sustainable energy systems Built framework and facilities for future research projects with EU partners

  • To grant CARDS countries universities with the capacity to prepare new generations of young R&D experts in power systems, with focus on renewables and with environmental awareness.
  • To prepare new post-graduation students at doctoral level equipped with modern points of view in an EU perspective
  • To strengthen a relationship between the new curriculum and the energy sector industry
  • To form a coherent action program in higher education in Energy Systems by constituing the sequence JADES-CEFES post-graduation program in a way that may be easily recogniyed as sustainable