Joint Advanced Doctoral Degree in Energy Systems - JADES

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Joint Advanced Doctoral Degree in Energy Systems


The JADES project is building a new curriculum for doctoral studies at the universities of the partner countries. The topic on environmentally friendly (based on renewable energy sources), cost effective and sustainable energy systems has been selected as a topic of common and highest interest for power industry and students in the partner countries as well as in EU. It originated the CEFES project and CEFES postgraduated studies.
The JADES project will be based on a four-fold policy:
  • New curriculum design addressing broad Energy Systems topics with innovative scientific and technological approaches.
  • An intense cooperation at the highest scientific level with EU universities namely in the quality control and in the definition of the participation of students and supervisors from the local universities in research led by the EU universities.
  • An on-going experiment and curriculum tuning through teaching an actual course during the execution of the project
  • An intense cooperation with the CARDS utilities, namely the ones grouped in the Advisory Forum, so that all teaching work as well as all research work conducted during doctoral thesis execution address the main practical problems of the Balkan region with practical applications

…and a four-fold objective:

To grant CARDS countries universities with the capacity to prepare new generations of young R&D experts in power systems, with focus on renewables and with environmental awareness, by training their lecturers in modern supervision functions, by enhancing their laboratory facilities and by transmitting the experience of EU partners in the organization of planned research in the EU framework, which may be use to the benefit of their scientists.
  • To prepare new post-graduation students at doctoral level equipped with modern points of view in an EU perspective, and tools and techniques both to renew human resources at local universities and in the technological work market and, in this way, to influence at local universities the renewing of the concept of doctoral studies.
  • To strengthen a relationship between the new curriculum and the energy sector industry.
  • To form a coherent action program in higher education in Energy Systems by constituing the sequence JADES-CEFES post-graduation program in a way that may be easily recognized as sustainable.